Hope Home Ministry held an open house to celebrate the opening of its new office/classroom, which will assist at-risk girls become self-sufficient women.

With freshly painted walls and a variety of amenities, some may find it hard to believe the entire structure took only three days to construct.

“We recently had a building added to our property and we had about 50 volunteers come out who made this building happen in three and a half days, which we think is really cool,” Hope Home Ministry Program Director Chassidy Carroll said. “We had some really generous donors who gave the materials and sponsored the project. Today, we were just having a dedication of this building to thank our sponsors and volunteers. My dad owns Charles Carroll construction. It was him and a lot of his volunteers who do other mission projects and mission work. We also had volunteers from other local churches such as Midtown Baptist, Coggin Avenue Baptist, Brownwood Community Church and several other churches that came out and all joined in.”

Due to the sensitive nature of working with victims of abuse, those involved in sex trafficking and those simply trying to turn their lives around, the exact location of the new facility cannot be publicly revealed. If driving by, a motorist could not set it apart from the rest of the buildings in the area nor take notice the building only took days to construct. The building will house Hope Home Ministry offices as well as a classroom for their clients.

“We’re a faith-based transitional home. We take in teenage girls who have been victims of human trafficking or transitioning out of juvenile detention of foster care. We care for them here on our property in our residential program long-term. We needed an office and a classroom to further our work and give us more space. This is something we prayed about for a long time and hoped would happen and it finally just happened.”

Carroll said planning began in 2015 and after years of rounding up the materials and volunteers, construction of the facility took place in August of last year. Carroll added she wanted to thank the Brown County community for making the project possible and in-turn assisting area girls in returning to being productive members of society. Carroll said the final client from their last group graduated the recently graduated the program and Carroll looks forward to being a positive impact on another group of girls in the near future.

“We care about our mission with young women. They’re valuable, they’ve been through some really hard things and they need support and people to get behind them, care for them and teach them how to get through some of the obstacles in their road and give them an opportunity to move forward. We actually are about to take in a new group of teenagers we just transitioned our last one out … It’s always good whenever you send them out and they’re either going to college or working and you see their progress. That’s a blessing to see. That’s the goal. We love seeing the progress they make when they’re here. We love them like family.”

For more information on getting involved with Hope House Ministries, or to make a donation, you can find them online at www. hopehomeministry.org.