Stacy Tennison can’t imagine who would steal from the Salvation Army, where Tennison works as director of the charity at 403 Lakeway in Brownwood.

That’s what happened in January, when a building that’s used to store kitchen items was broken into. Numerous items were stolen or damaged.

The organization is appealing to the community to help replace lost items and is seeking donations for a designated list of replacment kitchen items including pans, utensils, ice chests and cutting boards. Several larger items and appliances also need to be upgraded.

“The break-in was devastating,” Tennison said. “We work so hard to support the less fortunate in our community and it is difficult to understand why anyone would want to destroy and steal our kitchen equipment.”

The organization is committed to continuing with its Loaves and Fishes program and “will not abandon this local ministry and fail the people who need us most,” Tennison said.

Through the Salvation Army’s Loaves and Fishes program, the organization serves lunch to 100 to 120 people five days a week. Feeding that many people with a limited budget has been made even more difficult with the loss of equipment in the break-in, Tennision said.

The break-in occurred Jan 21. “It’s still an ongoing investigation,” Tennison said. “Tons of things were taken. It has set us back some. Financially we’ve been struggling anyway. Donations are down.

“It just baffles me that someone would steal from the Salvation Army. It takes money to replace those things. It’s a pretty huge blow all at once.”

The organization has a “wish list” of items it hopes to purchase to replace items that were stolen and to replace other items that are wearing out. The items on the wish list add up to nearly $14,000.

Items that were stolen in the break-in include a 10-quart sauce pan, a knife sharpener, a 23-piece knife and culinary tool set, a 32-gallon trash can, Cambros and a Cambro drink container, a large ice chest, roster ovens, tongs, a trash can dolly, serving trays and drinking cups.

For a complete list of items that need to be replaced or to make a donation, contact Tennison at 325-646-5389.