Brown County Home Solutions (BCHS) invites the public to see the progress made on Legacy Village in an open house from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 13.

Legacy Village, at 1105 Ave. D in Brownwood — the site of the former Avenue D Baptist Church —  will be a community of 16 “tiny homes” to help the homeless in Brown County. Work on Phase I is under way, which will consist of four homes in three structures. One of those structures in a duplex.

One home is complete and occupied, and work is under way on the duplex, BCHS Executive Director Linda Heitman said.

“The two-bedroom in the duplex is closest to being finished and the one-bedroom in the duplex is in the painting stage,” Heitman said. “We haven’t done a whole lot with the fourth unit. It’s insulated and the studs are up inside but that’s about it.

“Right now we’re just waiting for volunteers. I am hoping to have people in there by the end of the month.”

BCHS receives funds from donations and grants.

The homes are intended as “a helping hand up,” and clients of BCHS will pay a graduated rent to live there.

The intent of the open house is to let the community know “where we are are, what we’re doing and get people more interested again in getting involved and helping so that we can get these finished, so I get them occupied,” Heitman said.

“I have people come every week who are needing a place to stay and so I have already had three applications for the one bedroom.”

Heitman said BCHS wants to increase the momentum and get the homes finished. The challenge is to stay in the public’s mind, Heitman said.

“It’s getting the word out there and letting people know that yes, this really is happening, and getting people re-invigorated,” Heitman said. “We still need volunteers, we still need funds, but we’re also needing donations of items because we are planing on providing these homes fully stocked and fully furnished.”

That’s because potential Legacy Village residents “don’t have anything, or very little,” Heitman said.

There are various ways to donate to BCHS including:

• Come to Saturday’s open house

• Contact BCHS through its Facebook page or at

Every page on the website has a donation link, Heitman said.

• Mail donations to P.O. Box 952, Brownwood, Texas 76804.

• Bring donations to the Community Connections of Central Texas (formerly the Family Services Center) at 901 Ave. B, where Heitman’s office is located. Heitman is in her office from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays.

Heitman’s office can be reached at 646-5939 ext. 107.