Brownwood City Council members agreed earlier this week to declare a 2005 city truck with 147,000 miles as surplus and donated the vehicle to Greenleaf Cemetery as a work truck.

Prior to the donation, Greenleaf employees had been using their own vehicles for cemetery business, both inside and outside the cemetery, council members were told.

The Greenleaf Cemetery Association celebrated its 96th anniversary Wednesday, and the city-gifted truck is “the best Greenleaf Cemetery Association birthday/anniversary gift ever,” cemetery association board president Steve Harris said via email.

The city has numerous old cars and trucks and most will be sold to offset the cost of new vehicles, council members were told. City staff learned about Greenleaf Cemetery’s need for a work truck.

“This may be a surplus truck from the city’s perspective, but from out standpoint, this is a diamond. This is a gem,” Harris told council members. “This is a brand new vehicle. To us it’s a new vehicle. It’s something that will help us.”

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