A narcotics deputy who was assisting Wednesday in the seizure of a dog that mauled a woman Monday night arrested a man who allegedly possessed 9.6 grams of methamphetamine.

Stephen Barbaree, 59, was charged with manufacture or deliver of a controlled substance and remained jailed Thursday in lieu of $40,000 bond, Brown County Jail records state.

The sequence of events began Monday night when a woman in her late 20s was walking in the 1000 block of Brin, just outside Brownwood city limits, sheriff’s detective Leighton Wyatt said.

An unrestrained male pit bull, owned by a man who lives in a nearby residence, approached the woman and latched onto her face, causing severe injuries, Wyatt said. “The dog came out of nowhere,” Wyatt said.

“She screamed and the dog’s owner heard the screaming, ran over there and got the dog. A friend drove her to the emergency room.”

Deputies obtained a warrant to seize the unvaccinated dog and went to the owner’s residence to  Wednesday night. The dog is in quarantine at a local veterinarian’s office, and deputies are seeking to have the dog declared dangerous, Wyatt said. He said a hearing is scheduled for April 26 in justice of the peace court.

Gover, accompanying deputies to seize the dog, wrote a report explaining his interaction with Barbaree in the 1000 block of Brin.

“This area is notorious for criminal activity, such as drug use and distribution, possession of stolen property, assaults and wanted persons,” Gover’s report states.

Gover saw deputies talking with Barbaree, who has a lengthy arrest record. Barbaree was standing in front of a car with the hood up. “I approached Barbaree and engaged him in conversation,” Gover’s report states. “I observed an open purse sitting on top of the radiator. Barbaree said he was jump starting his car.”

Gover saw a cloth eye glass sleeve inside the open purse and saw the outline of what appeared to be a meth pipe. “It is my training and experience that these cloth eyeglasses are used to store glass methamphetamine pipes,” Gover’s report states. “This is so common that I see glass meth pipes stored in these cloth sleeves more often than than eyeglasses.”

Barbaree said the purse and meth pipe were his and said the purse contained an “eight ball,” Gover’s report states. Deputies found 9.6 grams of methamphetamine in four baggies of “distribution weight,” as well as three new syringes, 21 new plastic baggies, digital scales and a small amount of marijuana, the report states.