The kitchen in the Brown County Jail is closed for repairs.

Sheriff’s officials are finding ways to serve meals to the 170-plus inmates who are held in the jail, thanks to hot meals purchased from restaurants and cold meals prepared in the employee break room shared by Brownwood police and sheriff’s office employees.

The cost of the repairs — which Sheriff Vance Hill estimated at $120,000 — and the cost of hot meals from restaurants is being covered by money the sheriff’s office receives for housing other counties’ inmates, Hill said.

Brown County Commissioners approved the project last month with the awarding of a bid.

Hill said the issue with the kitchen was drainage from sinks seeping through the floors. The flooring has been ripped out and will be replaced, and LED lighting is being installed, Hill said. Ceilings and walls are being repainted.

“We’re putting down tile in place of the old rubberized flooring it had before,” Hill said.

Work on the project started April 15 and is projected to be completed by around May 22, Hill said.

The sheriff’s office is buying hot meals at reduced costs from Sonic, Burger King and Little Caesars and serving one hot meal a day, Hill said. Breakfast consists of boiled eggs, muffins and cereal, and a second cold meal consists of sandwiches and vegetables, Hill said.

Southwest Architects is in charge of the kitchen remodel project, and local companies involved as subcontractors include Heart of Texas Mechanical, Jones Carpet and Weldon Wilson Electric, Hill said.