Brown County Sheriff’s officials reported an eventful weekend as deputies stopped a man from trying to drive away in a patrol vehicle in one incident, and in a second incident, deputies believed a man was trying to run them down in a pickup.

Deputies made two arrests out of the incidents:

• Levi Potter, 38, of Brownwood, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a public servant, resisting arrest and unauthorized use of a vehicle in connection with an incident Saturday afternoon in the 6900 block of Lover’s Lane near Lake Brownwood, Brown County Jail records state.

Potter remained jailed Monday in lieu of bonds totaling $125,000.

• Florentino Lucero Jr., 42, of Brownwood, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a public servant, resisting arrest, DWI second offense and reckless driving in connection with an incident Saturday night in the 200 block of Torres Lane near Bangs, jail records state.

Lucero remained jailed Monday in lieu of bonds totaling $106,500.

According to deputies’ reports:

Potter arrest

Deputies initially encountered Potter Friday evening on property near his residence on Lover’s Lane and arrested him on a charge of public intoxication. Potter bonded out of jail Saturday.

Later Saturday afternoon, deputies Saydie Hammonds and Marvin Simpson were dispatched to the 6900 block of Dillard on a burglary call. Deputies spoke with the suspect, identified as Potter, at his residence. The victims of the burglary declined to press charges because they know Potter, and the deputies told Potter he was free to go.

Hammonds was seated in her patrol vehicle with the driver’s door open when Potter approached. Hammonds began to get out of her vehicle and asked Potter if he needed anything. Potter said he did not.

Hammond began speaking with Simpson when Potter jumped into the driver’s seat of Potter’s vehicle, Hammonds’ report alleged. Potter started the vehicle and put the gearshift in drive, and Hammonds and Simpson jumped into the vehicle to stop Potter.

Potter stepped on the gas with with Hammonds and Simpson half-way in the vehicle, Hammond’s report alleged. Simpson got the vehicle into Park and turned off the ignition, and the deputies got Potter out of the vehicle and into handcuffs.

Potter resisted as the deputies placed him into Simpson’s vehicle, the report alleged. At the Brown County Jail, Potter resisted and Hammonds and Simpson were injured. Simpson was taken in an ambulance to Brownwood Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released, and Hammonds drove herself to the emergency room.


Lucero arrest

Cpl. Taylor Fletcher responded Saturday night to assist deputy Mason Fabiani with a disorderly conduct call on Torres Lane. Neighbors reported a male, later identified as Lucero, was intoxicated and walking up and down the road, yelling threats.

The deputies were told the male had gone inside his home and had not come back out. As the deputies returned to their patrol vehicles, they saw a small pickup leave Lucero’s home and accelerate rapidly toward the deputies. The pickup spun out and gained speed as the driver exhibited “willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others,” Fletcher’s report alleged.

“It appears the driver was going to attempt to hit deputy Fabbiani or I, as we were directly in the truck’s headlights which were on bright,” Fletcher’s report stated. “I immediately retreated to my patrol unit for safety and yelled at the complainants to get to the safety of their home. I began moving my patrol unit forward and into the complainant’s yard to avoid being struck.”

Fletcher heard the pickup’s tires lock up, and the vehicle slid to a stop behind Fletcher’s patrol vehicle. The driver started to restart the truck’s engine before getting out and acting aggressively toward Fletcher.

After the suspect ignored Fletcher’s commands to get on the ground, Fletcher tried to put the suspect on the ground but failed because of the suspect’s size, weight and resistance. Fletcher deployed his Taser and the suspect calmed down.

Fletcher performed a field sobriety test on the suspect. The suspect would have hit Fletcher’s patrol vehicle if Fletcher hadn’t moved it, and it appeared he stopped only because of completions with operating the standard transmission, Fletcher’s report stated.