BANGS — Bangs Mayfest will mark its 25th anniversary Saturday with an entire day of family fun planned at the Bangs City Park. Mayfest originated as a celebration organized by a few community leaders following a city-wide clean up, and has developed into one of the biggest events of the year not only in Bangs, but all of Brown County.

“It grew a little last year but has really blossomed this year,” said Carrol Wells, who has served as the Bangs Mayfest organizer for the past five years. “We tried it at the new events center for a while and didn't have as good a reception, so we moved it back to the city park. It started growing again and I'm really impressed with this year and how much growth we've had.”

The 25th Mayfest kicks off at 10 a.m. Saturday with the annual parade, with Virginia and Lowell Bishop serving as the grand marshals of the parade. Other events include a blindfold ice cream feeding contest, cupcake walk, city-wide garage sales, games for adults and children, arts and crafts, festival foods, live music, and Guns for Hire — which is a live re-enactment of the Old West. There is no charge to attend the event.

“We have the skit from Guns for Hire who are going to perform twice Saturday — at 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.,” Wells said. “We'll have music all afternoon from noon to 4 p.m. under the pavilion by A.W. Rose and The Shadowpuppets. And we have a big increase in vendors (more than 40), with a lot of new ones coming along.”

Perhaps the mostly highly-anticipated new event is the blindfold ice cream feeding contest, which will be held at 2:30 p.m.

“It's mostly for the kids but adults can do it if they want to,” Wells said. “You blindfold the eater, blindfold the feeder and they'll have a third person on each team that will be handing ice cream to the feeder. I think it will be a lot of fun.”

There will also opportunities to win cash and other prizes throughout the day.

“We're giving away $500, a certain dollar amount every hour between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.,” Wells said. “We'll have some other prizes given away every 15 minutes, things like food coupons from Sonic, free haircuts from The Basement, and Subway's giving away meals. Every time you go to a vendor's booth and buy something from them they will give you a ticket. You bring and put your ticket in the wheel and we're going to draw every 15 minutes for those types of prizes, and then every hour for the cash prizes.”

According to the City of Bangs official website, all proceeds of this event, sponsored by Bangs Municipal Development District and organized with 100 percent volunteer efforts, are used exclusively in the City of Bangs for the benefits of its citizens.

The list of garage sales throughout the community includes the following addresses:

• 405 1st Street

• 302 N. West

• 307 N. 1st Street

• 210 S. West

• 201 S. 1st Street

• 1000 N. 3rd

• 205 S. 2nd Street

• 1565 CR 138

• 206 S. 2nd Street

• 230 CR 154

• 1101 Gantt

• 603 W. Kyle

• 100 N. West

• 102 N. 4th

• 5790 Highway 84 W.

• 411 Sullivan

• 605 W. Kyle

• 801 S. 2nd

• 1104 N. 3rd

• 501 CR 157

• 605 E. Fitzgerald

• 1104 Switzer

• 315 Elm Library

• 1308 N. 3rd

• Bangs High School Parking lot

• Bangs Methodist Church