ZEPHYR – As a freshman, Grace Williams has already carved a lasting impression academically at Zephyr High School.

The Region III-A champion in UIL Ready Writing, Williams will test her mettle at the state competition at 2:15 p.m. Friday at the University of Texas at Austin. Awards will be announced at 8:30 p.m.

“I wasn't expecting this, so it's really nerve-racking I suppose,” Williams said. “I'm only a freshman and I'll be going up against a lot of seniors who have done this before. I'm hoping I can get a topic I can work with.”

According to the UIL's official website, “in the Ready Writing Contest, students are given two hours to write expository compositions. They have a choice between two prompts, each an excerpt from literature, publications (past and present) or speeches.”

In her own words, Williams describes Ready Writing as, “where you write a paper over a certain topic that you're given. There's a two-hour time limit and you have to build your thesis on the topic given and support it. The topics are usually quotes from people in the past, or it can be recent, but it's quotes that invoke thought. The topics I've mostly gotten have been about creativity, inspiration and impactful words.”

Williams hasn't determined if a career in writing is something she will pursue past high school, but her short-term and long-term Ready Writing aspirations include, ”not finishing last (at state) and getting there again next year.”