Brownwood High School’s theatre department students are winding down the school year with a list of awards and accomplishments.

State theatrical design competition

After first-round competition in February, six students qualified for state theatrical design competition, where five placed.

The six state qualifiers were Lilly Lee, who competed in individual costume design; Riley Wilson, who placed second in the state in individual set design; and the group design team of Carlee Richardson, Maddie Weldon, Sarah Boyette and Hunter Trowbridge, which placed sixth in the state.

“It was our first year to actually do theatrical design,” Boyette, a senior, said. Trying it for the first time, the students wondered if their efforts would be “good enough,” Boyette said.

“It ended up being good enough, because we got sixth in the state,” Boyette said. “That was really nice for us.”

When asked if it’s more fun to act on stage or participate in events such as theatrical design, Lee, a freshman, replied, “I think it depends on your personality. It’s interesting because this is basically what the directors go through. It’s kind of like training mini-directors.”

Weldon, a sophomore, said the competition was “definitely hard work. It takes a toll on you. You’re sitting there and you’re trying to create a design off the top of your head.”

Richardson, also a sophomore, said, “I’m definitely more of an actress, but it was really fun to try new things.”

Prose and poetry

Theatre student Alyssa Salazar, a junior, competed for the first time in an event that has nothing to do with theatre: prose and poetry. Salazar made it as far as regional competition, and while she said she didn’t place high, “it was a really big accomplishment for me because I’d never done prose and poetry before,” Salazar said.

Competitors were asked to use poetry to take a stance on a topic as well as to inform the audience on a topic, Salazar explained. With her informative piece, she had the opportunity to use poems to create “a poetry piece about whatever you feel passionate about, and whatever you can put your passion behind,” Salazar said. Her informative piece dealt with being a teenage girl and the struggles of self-image.

Her other piece was on eating disorders. “I have a person who’s very close to me who struggles from one,” Salazar said. “It felt felt very special to me to be able to speak with a passion for someone else and not to do it for my own vanity." 

One act play awards

• District competition — Riley Pruett, honorable mention all star cast; Heather Williams, all star cast; Josh Lawson best actor; Jordon Roberts best actress; Shelby Wilson all star crew

• Bi-district — Jarod Verdrode, best lighting technician; Aubrey Harris best crew overall; Riley Preutt, honorable mention all star cast; Jordan Roberts all star cast; Heather Williams all star cast; Josh Lawson best actor

• Area — Reagan Maxfield, all star crew; Heather Williams honorable mention all star cast; Josh Lawson honorable mention all star cast; Riley Pruett all star cast; Jordan Roberts all star cast

• Regional — Josh Lawson, all star cast; Riley Pruett all star cast; Jordan Roberts, honorable mention all star cast