That Ron character, he’s a mean one all right. He told me I’d better have a column in today’s paper or else. I don’t want to think about else might mean, so I’m following orders and generating a column for the second week in a row.

So here we go. What’s going to be in it? I’ll know when you’ll know.

Let me begin with a  true story. A few evenings ago an alert citizen sent me a photo of a menacing looking character, standing in the parking lot outside the Weakley Watson store and taking photos of the very tall Park Plaza sign. I looked at the photo the alert citizen — she didn’t say I could use her real name so I’ll call her “Amanda” — sent me of the long-haired weirdo with the camera, and I said what the heck? Skinny chicken legs protruded from the character’s blue shorts, and a green University of North Texas T-shirt covered his torso.

At least he wasn’t wearing sandals with socks.

But why was he taking photos of a very tall sign? Then I realized the long haired weirdo was me. OK, time to confess: I have become fascinated with a very wide angle, 10 mm lens I recently obtained. For anyone who cares, it’s actually a 10-20 mm zoom, made by Sigma, and I have probably had more fun with it than with any other lens.

I am fascinated by what 10 mm does to objects and people. It distorts objects that are close to the lens and makes them look very large, it exaggerates angles and it has a very interesting effect on tall objects such as the Park Plaza store.

If you try to use it like any other lens, you’ll just get boring photos with people and objects looking like they’re over in the next county. Used on purpose, with some creativity and artistry — that’s what makes it fun. Even though I am decidedly not very artistic or creative, even my clumsy efforts are paying off. I am going to put together a photo show called “Brown County at 10 mm” or something like that, which no one but me will probably care anything about.

What will I do with it? Pay people to look at it, with extra dividends paid to people who will make nice comments about it.  

Oh, and as for wearing sandals with socks. Yes I have. And I was told not to ever do that again.