The Brown County Office of Emergency Management and Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife have temporarily suspended recovery operations at Ten Mile Crossing where a pickup truck with three occupants reportedly went into the swift moving water on May 12.

The driver and one passenger managed to escape, one person remains missing and is the focus of the search.

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife game wardens continue daily checks of the area to monitor water levels and check surrounding land areas.

“Lake Brownwood reports water level approximately (1.4 feet)  above the spillway and resultant river levels have caused us to suspend the waterborne search efforts,” Brown County Emergency Management Coordinator David Creed said.

Texas Department

of Parks and Wildlife teams have been utilizing boats equipped with side-scanning sonar as well as airborne drones for visual surveillance, Creed said.

“Waterborne recovery efforts will resume when the water conditions allow us to do so safely,” Creed said.