An investigation into a May 26 accidental shooting that wounded the 3-year-old son of a Brownwood police officer has been referred to Texas Ranger Jason Shea, sheriff’s officials said Thursday.

The boy, whose father is Brownwood officer Robert Lehman, was struck in the head when a 9 mm handgun discharged in the family’s home in rural Brown County, a report by deputy Scotty Burke states. The boy — whose name was redacted in the report, which was released Thursday — is being treated at Cook Children’s Medical Center, according to Facebook posts by Lehman’s wife, Laura.

The sheriff’s office forwarded a case to Shea with an offense listed of “making a firearm accessible to a child,” a Class A misdemeanor.

According to Burke’s report:

Burke was dispatched at 3:12 p.m. Sunday, May 26, to the family’s home near Lake Brownwood. Numerous other first responders were present when Burke arrived. Burke entered the master bedroom, where the boy was located, and deputy Byron Langley handed Burke a pistol from a nightstand next to the bed. The pistol was made safe by ejecting a shell casing from the chamber and ejecting the magazine, and Burke took the pistol to his patrol truck.

Lifeguard Ambulance took the boy to Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

Lehman “was very shaken and upset over the incident,” Burke’s report states. “He continued to ask how the child was. I assured him that they are working on him and doing everything possible at the time.”

Burke tried to console Lehman, who said he was at home with his three children when he told his son to go take a nap. Lehman said he heard a loud bang, went into the master bedroom and found the boy lying on the floor.

Acting Brownwood Police Chief James Fuller arrived at the home and drove Lehman to the hospital. Burke assisted sheriff’s investigator John Harper and Shea, who arrived a short time later, in processing the scene. A bullet hole was found in the ceiling above the bed.

Another of Lehman’s sons told Shea that his father was watching television when he heard a loud “pop.” The boy said his father entered that boy’s room, then ran back to the master bedroom.

Laura Lehman posted a photo June 3 showing the boy smiling from a hospital bed and wearing a protective helmet.