If the pavement is in good condition, Daniel Ray Herman Jr. can make 8 mph on his longboard. The most he’s traveled in a day on an epic cross-county journey: 88 miles.

The 24-year-old South Carolina native is longboarding from Miami, Fla. to San Francisco, Calif., and he rolled Tuesday into the Early Visitors and Event Center, where he was welcomed by Convention and Visitors Bureau Coordinator Denise Hudson and Venue and Event Coordinator Cookie Donahoo.

Herman rolled later through Brownwood as he continued his adventure.

The friendly and easy-going Herman, who does cement work as a residential construction contractor, has a couple of motivations for his journey.

He said he’s making the journey “to share the love of Jesus” with anyone he meets, Herman said at the Early Visitors and Event Center. “I’m just doing it in Jesus’ name,” Herman said.

Herman is also doing it in honor of a friend with Stage 4 cancer. He’s hoping to raise money for a GoFundMe account for his friend, Trevor Heinrich.

Herman said Heinrich earlier walked across America, and Herman wears the same yellow vest that his friend wore on his long trek.

Herman said he began his journey on Jan. 18, 2018 and arrived in New Orleans after four months. Herman took a year off before resuming on May 15 this year.

Herman also has a GoFundMe page, and Herman wrote on the page:

“I am longboard skateboarding from the coast of Miami Beach, Fla. to Baker Beach, San Francisco, Calif. in Jesus’ name. I am spreading the love he has given me with those I encounter. My cousin, Justin graciously paid off my college debt, and I sold my car to start this trip. I have also worked lots of construction jobs to fund this trip.

“My route will be roughly 3,700 miles. I have been planning it and praying about it since 2013. I have already made it half way. I’ve had many friends from back home ask if they could support me, so I made this GFM to allow people to give. I appreciate all donations. $2 will allow me to buy a small bag of trail mix. Everything helps.”

Herman wrote on the GoFundMe page that he spends  spend about $8 on each meal three times a day, and buys other supplies each day including water, power-aid, trail mix, toiletries, socks, shoes, wheels and bearings and  lightweight clothing.

“I sleep in a tent on the side of the road unless I have money for a  $40 AirB&B or a host in a town through the Couchsurfing app which is free. I have made so many friends along the way, and have had some wild experiences,” Herman wrote on the page.

Herman is on Instagram: @everyday.dan and Facebook: Daniel Ray Herman Jr.