Brownwood city officials have received a hotel consultant’s preliminary report from a feasibility study that could lead to the renovation of the old Brownwood Hotel, Brownwood Municipal Development District Executive Director Ray Tipton said.

Officials have also received an architect’s report from another feasibility study on the possible renovation of city facilities, Tipton said.

In an interview in his office, Tipton did not reveal specifics of either report and noted the preliminary hotel report does not contain a financial analysis. That will be added later, he said.

Hotel feasibility report

In March, Brownwood City Council members ratified action by the BMDD to hire Houston-based hotel consultant Randy McCaslin for the Brownwood Hotel study.

Tipton told council members then that the BMDD received a proposal at the BMDD’s request to conduct the study. A developer has expressed interest in the multi-story building at Fisk and Baker, and the study was a “needed first step” in the process of working with the developer, Tipton told council members.

The city and BMDD will own the information and can use it to recruit investors and developers if the current developer who’s interested does not go forward, Tipton said then

Speaking in his office Wednesday, Tipton said the consultant’s final report will be complete “in a few weeks.”

The consultant did interviews with companies and organizations that generate overnight stays on a regular basis for business or tourist travel. One purpose of those interviews was to gauge “where do overnight stays come from, and how often are those generated?” Tipton said.

“He sent out — and we helped him send out — some surveys to expand on that. There’s some pretty interesting data but it’s kind of hard to know what some of it means until he crunches all the numbers. I can tell you he’s excited about it because he feels like it was a pretty favorable report so far. Early indications seem like it will be a positive report.”

The report’s analysis will include the amount of revenue the hotel could likely generate if renovated and “how much money could somebody make on a hotel project like this?” Tipton said.

Facilities study

In October, BMDD board members — looking to boost tourism and improve venues for public events — agreed to hire Brown Reynolds Watford (BRW) Architects of Dallas to perform a feasibility study for “outdoor civic gathering and assessments of city facilities.

The report has been submitted to the city in sections, Tipton said. “The BMDD board and council will be looking those over the next couple of months to see if there’s a plan we can put together to do some facility upgrades,” Tipton said. “It’s basically going to be one report but there will be a section for each facility.”

The report contains “a lot of good ideas. Obviously we’re not going to do all of them,” Tipton said. “What the city’s got to figure out is, what’s the best value for the community, what’s going to make the best positive impact for the citizens?”

One of the study’s ideas is to create an event center from an existing facility, Tipton said. He declined to be specific but said the report doesn’t suggest the construction of a new facility.

“That’s not in this (report),” Tipton said.