Independence Day is less than a week away, and fireworks sales — like summer temperatures — are beginning to heat up.

One of the newest firework stands in Brown County — Hell Mary’s Fireworks — is located on U.S. Highway 84/183 South in Early, one mile south of the Early Boulevard intersection.

Charlie Cabler, Brady Burt and Brandon Knowles operate the stand.

“I’ve been doing fireworks for four years, Brady’s been doing it for three,” Cabler said. “I got into it from the construction side. I worked for the owner of American Fireworks, so that’s how I got started, doing locations for him down in South Texas. We love America, we love to have fun and we thought we’d do this on the side.”

With firework stands dotted throughout Brown County, Hell Mary’s Fireworks is the lone stand on US 84/183 South.

“We chose this spot because the nearest stand heading south is in Goldthwaite, and going the direction would be either C.C. Woodson or the Heartland Mall,” said Cabler, who added his father Kirby owns the property.

With temperatures thus far being well below average of a typical Texas summer, and with no burn ban in effect, fireworks salesmen are expecting a much more profitable year.

“Last year we were in Stephenville with this stand and the burn ban shut us down,” Cabler said. “We couldn’t sell any aerial.”

Burt added, “Safety is always a big aspect for us so we want everybody to have fun, but we also don’t want to put anybody’s property at risk. That’s a big issue for us, too. We don’t put anything in danger.”

Hell Mary’s Fireworks provides a unique selection of fireworks, according to Cabler.

“We have exclusive products that no one else has because we purchase from multiple providers, “ Cabler said. “We have a product called Sky Bacon, and being in the South everybody loves bacon, so that kind of sticks out. We also have some of the largest assortments in town. These are assortments usually only carried in the big warehouses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Godfather is almost six foot tall and it retails for $850, and we have another that retails for $600. We have the big stuff, and we have the novelty items.”

For those curious about the selection, the Facebook page Brady American Fireworks offers previews.

“Everything we have here is going to be on our Facebook page, which is the one I’ve been using since I started selling fireworks,” Burt said. “Most of the products will have videos up. If they want to check out what something does I can post it and give them an idea of what to expect.”

Independence Day fireworks sales in the state of Texas began June 24 and end at 12:01 a.m. July 5.