Sebastian Lattig was a 17-year-old Bangs High School junior in the fall of 2016 and among the school’s top students — on track to possibly be valedictorian of his senior class.

Deonna Chrane — now Deonna Chrane Lattig — was a 15-year-old sophomore who Lattig was tutoring in Spanish.

Those were among the details in a 35th District Court hearing Wednesday and Thursday when Lattig, now 19, pleaded guilty to solicitation of a minor to commit murder and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Lattig and his then-girlfriend — now his wife — became involved in a plot in 2017 for Deonna to help Lattig in murdering Deonna’s parents, testimony showed. The girl’s parents had disapproved of the pair’s relationship and tried to prevent their daughter from seeing Lattig, according to testimony. The plot was uncovered and the girl’s parents were not harmed.

Lattig entered an open plea before District Judge Steve Ellis but insisted from the witness stand that the plot to commit murder had never been serious. Lattig testified he had been trying to redirect his girlfriend’s suicidal thoughts.

First Assistant District Attorney Chris Brown presented evidence for the state. Lattig was represented by defense attorney Patrick Howard. 

In 2017, when Deonna had turned 17, her parents found out Deonna and Lattig had been sneaking in and out of each other’s homes, testimony showed. In the summer of 2017, Deonna went to live with her grandmother in Blanket.

Deonna snuck out of her grandmother’s home one night in early August, and a cousin knew that Deonna had been communicating with someone online, testimony showed. Messages between Lattig and Deonna were uncovered, and those messages had details of a plot to murder Deonna’s parents, according to testimony.

The plot was for Lattig to sneak into Deonna’s parents’ home, and Deonna’s job was to make sure that all but one of the guns in the home were unloaded, testimony showed. Lattig planned to inject antifreeze into the parents’ necks — but if that didn’t succeed, Lattig would take the one gun that was loaded and shoot the parents, testimony showed.

Deonna was also tasked with gaining access to her parents’ laptop so Lattig could fabricate suicide notes, testimony showed. It was shown that Lattig planned to carry out the murder upon his girlfriend’s return to her parents’ home just days later.

With the help of deputies from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, the family located Deonna shortly after she was discovered to be missing from her grandmother’s home in Blanket.

Once she was located, the digital communications detailing the murder plot were turned over to then-Bangs officer Greg Parrott, who is now a sheriff’s deputy.

Parrott testified he had earlier issued a criminal trespass warning to Lattig for his girlfriend’s home at the request of her parents. Parrott testified to the investigation he conducted, and Brown played Parrott’s video of his interview of Lattig.

After Ellis sentenced Lattig to the six-year term, Lattig and his wife sobbed and wailed.