Grand jury indictments and Brownwood police are providing additional details on the May 27 drug-related shooting at a south Brownwood residence that left two people with gunshot wounds.

The June session of the Brown County Grand Jury returned an indictment for aggravated robbery against Jose Gonzalez, 37, of Brownwood, who was earlier charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Brown County Jail records state. Gonzalez is free on bonds totaling $100,000.

The grand jury also returned an indictment for aggravated robbery and a four-count indictment for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against Ledon Ayers, 19, of Brownwood. Ayers was present at the shooting scene, Acting Police Chief James Fuller said.

Ayers, who has also been charged with burglary of vehicle, possession of marijuana and assault, remains jailed in lieu of bonds totaling $107,500, jail records state.

Fuller gave a summary of the shooting in the 2600 block of First Street.

A female went to the First Street house that night in an attempt to purchase drugs, Fuller said. The man at the residence, purporting to be the drug dealer, stole the female’s money and threatened her with a pistol if she returned. 

The female left and told her father — who Fuller identified as Gonzalez — what happened. The man then drove to First Street with another daughter, age 17, who was shot a short time later. Gonzalez was also accompanied by 17-year-old Edgar Galicia.

Once at the residence, Gonzalez is alleged to have robbed Ayers and others of money and property. As Gonzalez was leaving in his vehicle, Ayers allegedly fired a rifle at Gonzales, Fuller said.

Gonzalez’s daughter sustained a serious gunshot wound to her lower right leg and was flown to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Fuller said earlier.

Galicia sustained a minor gunshot wound to his right shoulder and was treated and released into police custody, Fuller said earlier.

Galicia was also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.