Four only the fourth or fifth day this entire calendar year, Lake Brownwood has fallen below spillway.


The lake is less than a tenth of a foot below spillway, Brown County Water Improvement District General Manager John Allen said.

The last time the lake was at least a tenth of a foot below spillway was October 2018, Allen said.

“It’s been a phenomenally wet year,” Allen said. “We’re set for the rest of the year if we don’t get any rain. And it will rain.”

Water district directors recently approved a budget for the new fiscal year of just over $3 million, a .66 percent increase, Allen said. Directors also set the rates for treated water at $1.6646 per 1,000 gallons — a slight decrease of .003 percent.

The previous year, directors raised treated water rates by 1 percent, Allen said. He said board president Dennis Graham was adamant about lower rates for the new year.