A small gesture of appreciation by the First United Methodist Church staff garnered a huge “thank you” from Brownwood High School band members Friday morning.

Randee Green is director of the church’s children’s ministries, and Green hears the band’s catchy rhythms when she gets out of her car on work mornings and heads inside the church. Green, like her fellow staff members, is band fan.

Green got the idea to invite band members out to the school parking lot Friday morning and treat them to free Dr Pepper soft drinks and popsicles. Green and other staff members crewed a small concession trailer, and a little after 10 a.m., the young musicians raced across the parking lot and crowded around the trailer, wearing huge, spontaneous smiles and expressing their appreciation.

The church’s staff inside the trailer, in turn, told band members repeatedly how much they enjoy being in their offices across the street and hearing the band’s music.

“It’s just awesome to see the band members come out so early, way before the season even starts, and they work so hard,” Green said.

“I love hearing their music every morning when I get out of my car. It’s a blessing to me, and we just wanted to bless them back. I just dance to their music in my office, and I just like to bless them in some way. Our church just got behind it, and we just wanted to say ‘thank you for the music.’”

Band director David Lambert said he hadn’t had a popsicle since he was a kid.

“I hope they were blessed, and I hope they got to cool off,” Green said. “They are practicing in some Texas heat. Everybody knows it’s hot. I hope it cooled them off just for a minute.”