Bangs school Superintendent Tony Truelove highlighted the accomplishments of the previous school year including the successful outings of four ag science team.

“We had four judging teams — ag mechanics, land judging, home site judging and livestock judging qualify for the state judging meet, and from there we had two qualify for the national meet,” Truelove said.

The home site team finished 15th in the nation, and the ag mechanics team, which won state, will compete nationally in October, Truelove said.

Truelove noted that the ag mechanics teacher took over the class after his father, Ricky, retired.

“His son immediately goes and wins state with a group of all sophomores,” Truelove said.

Truelove noted the district’s success in other activities including band, theatre and computer science.

Addressing the district’s “B” in the TEA accountability ratings, Truelove said, “We feel like this is one of the things we can use to gauge our progress. I’m not a big believer that that’s the only barometer for the year, but I think that’s one thing we look at and say ‘what are our areas where we can get better, and what are the areas where we’re doing well?’”

Truelove said while the district works to get students ready for college, “We know there are kids that fall between the cracks, and four-year education is not for them. We try to get them to where they’re a little bit more employable. We’ve had multiple industry certifications the last few years and we have increased that.”

Truelove said the district is looking to put $400,000 into its fund balance and has plans to resurface the track at Memorial Stadium.

The district raised salaries, with teachers and counselors receiving an average increase of $6,500 a year and auxiliary staff receiving increases of at least 6 percent, Truelove said.

He said the district will buy a new bus, buy a security camera system, continue to add industry certifications and has added a computer technology course in the middle school.