Criticism of the Brown County Commissioners Court is not prohibited during a meeting of the court — just don’t do it demeaningly.

That’s part of the “Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Decorum” adopted by commissioners court members Monday.

Commissioner Gary Worley asked the court to adopt the rules, which he said reflect changes passed by the Texas Legislature regarding public meetings.

The rules include:

• Each member of the public who wishes to address the commissioners court is limited to five minutes.

• Maximum discussion on any agenda item is limited to 30 minutes.

• Those attending are required to conduct themselves “with proper respect and decorum in speaking to and/or addressing the court.”

• The county judge is the presiding officer of the commissioners court.

In other business Monday, commissioners:

• Agreed to leave the burn ban in place.

• Approved a request by Commissioner Wayne Shaw to move to employees from a probationary salary to a regular salary.

• Approved a request by attorney Ray West — formerly Brown County judge — to approve a plat for Dominion Point 3 at Lake Brownwood, subject to County Surveyor Don King’s signature.

West noted that earlier this year, the commissioners court revised rules related to subdivisions. The revision states the county surveyor has the authority to approve or disapprove plats, West said.

“The commissioners court, as you all know, doesn’t have the authority to delegate actions that are to be taken strictly by the commissioners court to a third party, even if it’s the county surveyor,” West said.

“I would suggest the court revisit those rule revisions and change it. Rules of the past were that the survey had to be submitted to the county surveyor for review and advice to the commissioners court, and it was up to the court to approve or disapprove the plat.”