Longtime jail maintenance supervisor and road crew supervisor Sgt. Les Rush is retiring Oct. 1, Sheriff Vance Hill told commissioners court members Monday.

Commissioners approved Hill’s request to set the salary of Rush’s as-yet undetermined replacement at $35,000 — lower than Rush’s salary of $40,046. Rush also receives additional certification pay of $5,700 a year, but his replacement’s certification pay won’t exceed $2,700, Hill told commissioners.

Commissioners also granted Hill’s request to have Rush’s replacement begin working in the position Sept. 1, in order to receive a month’s training while working alongside Rush.

Hill said the jail is short three jailers and there is money in the line item budget for salaries to cover that request.

The jail maintenance supervisor is required to have knowledge in areas including electrical and plumbing, Hill told commissioners.

Hill said he intends to eliminate the sergeant’s rank for the position.

After Oct. 1, Hill said, he will ask commissioners to use the money from the sergeant’s rank to promote five jailers.