Gallery Warehouse Furniture will leave the Heartland Mall and move into the former Hastings Bookstore building in Brownwood in early October, the store’s owner, Joe Pierce of Abilene, said Friday.

Pierce, who owns Pierce Furniture, said he has completed the purchase of the Hastings building. Gallery Warehouse Furniture is a DBA of Pierce Furniture, and the store will be known as Pierce Furniture Gallery when it opens in the Hastings store.

The Gallery’s lease with the Heartland Mall expires at the end of September, and the company will stop promoting the mall store after Labor Day, Pierce said. It will still be possible in September for customers to make purchases from the mall store, he said.

The 24,000-square-foot Hastings building is 5,000 square feet smaller than the mall location, but “we can show what we need to show” in the new location, Pierce said.

“The traffic has slowed down in the mall,” Pierce said. “We feel like this other location is so much better. We’re excited to make the move.”

The Hastings building has been vacant since the bookstore closed in October 2016.