The former sporting goods store at Fisk and Baker in downtown Brownwood is increasingly taking on the identify of Teddy’s Brewhaus.

That’s what the business will be called when it opens as a brewery and restaurant owned by Jeff Tucker of May. Tucker at one time had hoped to have the business open in July, and later believed it would be August.

Tucker now believes it will be fully open in late September, and activity inside and outside the building suggests that the opening is surely not far off.

On the building’s exterior, the familiar light blue paint has been replaced with the color green, and the name of the new business adorns the front, replacing the old name from its years as Weakley-Watson Sporting Goods.

The interior shows signs of what’s coming. Several tables and a large bar have been installed, and several large pieces of equipment make up the complex brewing station.

Tucker said he’s on the cusp of hiring a base crew that will likely consist of 10 to 15 part-timers and about seven full-timers. An assistant brewmaster has been hired, Tucker said.

“Once we pick our base crew, we’ll start mock training in mock setups,” Tucker said. “We’ll invite people to come in. They’re just going to sit down and place orders. We’ve got TABC training to do. We’ve got CPR training to do.

“Being a former firefighter, I’m a big believer in having things like ADDs on site and first aid. One of our mockups might be, we’ve got a person choking over at the table, what do you do? Others will be, if something happens in the kitchen this way, how do we solve that problem?”

Tucker said food and beverages will be available in the mock trainings.

“I’m way excited about it,” Tucker said of opening the business.

Tucker noted the presence of an old-fashioned cash register that has been placed on one end of the bar. The register — left over from the days when the business was in the Weakley-Watson family — still works, and it may actually gets some use in Teddy’s Brewhaus, Tucker said.