From the Eiffel Tower to Cowboys Stadium, every construction project has a starting point. While the way plans and blueprints are drawn up may have changed over the years, technicians capable of drafting them are always in demand. 


For students looking to build their future and the future of the world around them, the Drafting and Design program at Texas State Technical College may be the path for them.


“The Drafting and Design program is a great place for students who love problem-solving and want to work where they can see their project go from rendering on a computer to a physical building or bridge or piece of industrial equipment,” Magaly Valdez, instructor, said. 


The program is five semesters long, and during that time students are taught the skills needed to be a drafter. 


“It's funny that many people don't know what a drafter is, but they are involved in the process of creating just about everything you interact with. A drafter prepares technical drawings and plans, which are used by production and construction workers to build everything from microchips to skyscrapers,” Valdez said. 


Students in the program also have access to a 3D printer so they can see their projects come to life. 


“The 3D printer is free for students to use, so we encourage them to use it and explore their designs,” Valdez said. 


For second-semester Architectural Design & Engineering Graphics Technology student Tyler Del Toro, the program is a way for him to keep a lifelong promise. 


“I always told my mom I would design and build the house of her dreams, so this is how I learn to be part of that,” Del Toro said. 


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