The Girl Scouts of Central Texas will honor five as Women of Distinction at a luncheon Thursday, Sept. 19, at Coggin Avenue Baptist Church.

The five women are Kevelle Bailey, Sue Tullar Byrd, Betty Beyer Critchfield, Debbie Eoff and Alice Salazar.

Additionally, Dazzling Diva’s Boutique will be honored as the Workplace of Distinction.

At the signature fundraising event for the Girl Scouts, the organization brings together and honors local women leaders “whose dynamic leadership, professional accomplishments, and community contributions inspire us all to make the world a better place,” the event’s Facebook page states.

The proceeds from the annual event support the Girl Scouts leadership program.

The Bulletin has featured articles about the honorees in print editions and at

Sue Tullar Byrd

Sue Tullar Byrd was born at Ft. Knox, Ky. to Tom and Dot. Sue is the youngest of three girls who were raised as a military family and found home all over the world.

Her family moved every one to two years, which is where Byrd probably developed her love of travel. Her parents taught her that wherever they lived, to get to know the area, see the sites, explore and most of all get to know the people.

This was especially true in Thailand. Byrd’s parents always welcomed neighbors, friends, Peace Corps workers and others into their home. Her mother taught her to how make everyone feel comfortable.

Byrd was 3 when her family moved to Thailand and lived in an isolated area where there were few Americans. Byrd got used to Thai people wanting to touch her hair and squeeze her cheeks. She lived in Thailand twice and in different states in the United States.

After moving around, the family settled in Killeen where Byrd graduated from Killeen High School. She went on to the University of Texas where she earned an elementary education degree.

Byrd taught school for one years, mostly second grade.

Sue and her husband Tom met while attending UT, where they both worked as lifeguards. They married

after she graduated.

the Byrds have three children, Roy, Shelby and Sara. Roy is a physician with a 3-year-old boy and infant twin daughters. Shelby is a nurse and married to Blake, a basketball coach in Marshall. The youngest, Sara, is a nursing home administrator in Austin.

Byrd has learned something from every volunteer opportunity. She believes people are on the earth to

make it a better place and make a difference, and hopes her actions will say more about her life than

anything that can be told.

Byrd has been sustained in life by her faith, her husband and taking life one day at a time.

Byrd looks to her husband as her mentor because she was very quiet and shy when they met. She

felt comfortable around him immediately and he got to see the real Sue.

Tom even saw attributes within her she didn’t know existed. Tom Byrd, a doctor, is his wife’s biggest cheerleader in anything she does.

Byrd’s advice to young girls: follow your heart and make sure you always do what you are passionate about.