Going from construction to computers, William Hancock, a Texas State Technical College student, has found his passion and his second chance.


After working in construction for 14 years, Hancock, from Bangs, decided to enroll in the Computer Networking and Systems Administration program at TSTC. 


“I worked at an IT (information technology) company back in 2009 for about a year and a half, and it was the best job. I just fell in love with it. So, at 32, I decided to come back to school and finally get a degree,” Hancock said. 


Although initially he was nervous to be back in school, Hancock has since excelled. He is president of his local Phi Theta Kappa chapter, an academic honor society; has earned a bronze medal at SkillsUSA Texas in Telecommunications Cabling; and is participating in TSTC’s new Student Leadership program. 


“It was super-intimidating coming back after being out of school for so long and being around all these younger guys. But this is my second chance, and I want to do it right,” Hancock said. 


Hancock’s determination to “do it right” has not gone unnoticed by his instructors. 


“Will is exceptional, extraordinary and exemplary. He is an integral part of our SkillsUSA and Phi Theta Kappa chapters, on top of being an all-around superb student. I look forward to a great many things to come from Mr. Hancock,” Renee Blackshear, instructor, said. 

Hancock is in his fourth semester and planning to grow membership and participation in Phi Theta Kappa and SkillsUSA before he graduates next spring. 


“I think it's important that students are part of these organizations because it looks good on your resume, and you get so much camaraderie and experience out of it. And this year you're going to see me at nationals for SkillsUSA, and it’d be awesome to have more people there to witness it,” Hancock joked. 


Hancock encourages anyone contemplating coming back to school to go for it. 


“It doesn't matter if this is your second chance, or third or fourth or however many times it takes -- just do it. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you did it,” Hancock said. 


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