I, as a concerned citizen of Brownwood, have seen a very dangerous situation going on as I drive north from Magnolia St. to Avenue K. These blue trash containers that are being put along the street, which is a main highway in Brownwood, whoever suggested this plan has not thought it through.

When windy, wet weather occurs there will be many accidents when those containers blow into the street when vehicles try dodging them causing many accidents which the city will be sued over. Not only that, think of the tied up traffic when these containers are being emptied. Someone has not done the proper study before implementing such a drastic change in trash collections.

There is rear alley access behind these homes.

As a 100 percent disabled Korean War veteran I am unable to push and pull these containers from the front of my home on Bowie Circle to my back yard.

At present I have access to a metal dumpster in the alley behind my home which I am able to access more easily. The City Council should have put more thought into this before full implementation.


Henry G. Upfold