This week’s Best of Brown County feature is on the Spirit of Texas Winery, winner of best winery. The winery, located just on CR 291 outside Early, is “the perfect place to come and unwind and relax,” said owners Brian and Moira McCue.

Here’s a few interesting details the Bulletin discovered about Spirit of Texas Winery when the McCues sat down to discuss their venue.

• Upon entering the gates of the winery there’s a feeling of comfort and good home country fun. Above the door entrance reads “Enter Strangers, Leave Friends” and lined on the bar you’ll find the McCues’ Award-Winning wines.

• As for how this dream got started the McCues enjoyed wine tasting as they traveled. It was interesting to them how the same wine from one winery to the next could be totally different and there started the dream of having a winery.

• They’re not raised and born here in town, but Early seemed to be a really great community when they narrowed down where to build their business.

• Spirit of Texas is a one-stop shop for wine, yoga, dancing, the monthly holiday fun, and everything in between.

• Speaking of holidays, Halloween is coming up and you can enjoy painting with friends on wine glasses and skulls.

• Every few weeks you can catch some of the best live music along with tasting new wines.

• There’s usually some type of painting or arts and crafts going on, whether it’s with Moira or in November. Brownwood Art Association will be out doing some art at their wine bar.

• A 45-minute yoga class is offered once a week which includes a complementary glass of wine. Prices are available online.

• Tasting are available every day that they’re open. They have a winery that they work with to make the Spirit of Texas wine, they’ve now introduced 11 wines and next week they’ll be introducing another red wine.

• Their award-winning “Welcome Wine” will be on display at the State Fair this year as a blue ribbon winner.

• The Winery is BYOFS — you can bring your own food, snacks, or a tray and hang out for a couple of hours on the patio or inside and listen to music, sit and talk and have a good time.

• A little fun fact — the winery’s original name was Star of Texas, two of their wines still have the star of Texas name, being that there was another wine with that exact name … and wanting to stick to a similar name Moira came up with the name The Spirit of Texas — “which people tend to like more,” Brian said.

Catch the McCues online on their Facebook page Spirit of Texas Winery or you can find a listing of all their events at