The Brownwood Regional Medical Center Volunteers are pleased to announce the selection of BRMC Volunteer Brenda Perkins as the September 2019 BRMC Volunteer of the Month. Brenda’s selection was announced during the October 2019 Meeting of the BRMC Volunteers Executive Board.

Brenda Perkins joined the BRMC Volunteer Organization in January of 2005. She currently serves as a volunteer in the Surgery Waiting Area within Brownwood Regional Medical Center. Brenda strives to meet the needs and concerns of family and friends waiting on patients undergoing surgical procedures. Her pleasant manner and willingness to serve others helps to give assurance and comfort to those whom she serves. She is always willing to take on extra responsibilities should the need arise. Brenda encourages others in the Brownwood Area to consider becoming a BRMC Volunteer. She has accumulated over 3,160 Hours of Volunteer Service at Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

We thank Brenda Perkins for choosing to be a BRMC Volunteer and for her many contributions to Brownwood Regional Medical Center and its Volunteer Organization.

The BRMC Volunteers are always excited to meet individuals who are interested in becoming a volunteer and the organization is actively soliciting new members. If you have an interest in serving others a minimum of 6 hours per month, being a BRMC Volunteer will meet your needs. Volunteering at BRMC is a way of giving back and improving our community. BRMC Volunteer applications may be obtained in the BRMC Gift Shop, at the front entrance information desk, online at or by calling the BRMC Volunteer Office at 325-649-3399 or emailing the BRMC Volunteers at and stating that you would like to become a BRMC Volunteer. Those who have an interest in volunteering may also contact Andrea Lee, BRMC Director of Volunteer Services, at 325-649-3392.