BANGS — Teaching wasn’t Re'Genna Gamblin’s first career choice. Originally she wanted to be a florist after attending what was then called TSTI, earning a certificate in floral design. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a high demand for those types at that time. Gamblin then decided to take a job working at a dentist office in Miles.

With her husband, Ricky, already teaching and her kids in school, Re'Genna wanted to make a difference and form great relationships – just as her husband had — so she decided to go back to school to get her degree in teaching at Angelo State University.

After graduating college, Gamblin got her first job in the Miles school district teaching sixth grade. Once the Miles ISD went through a major change and reformation, Gamblin decided to come home and teach in Bangs, where she's remained for going on 24 years now.

Gamblin has been a intervention teacher for the last four years at Bangs ISD working with ESL (English as a Second Language), Gifted and Talented (academically gifted), RTI (response to intervention) and Motor Lab students, helping to improve and sharpen their skills and physical ability.

Whether the students are behind academically or she’s sharpening their gifts and talents, Gamblin allows each student to utilize his or her skills in a better capacity.

As a teacher that specializes in recognizing strengths and weaknesses in children, Gamblin especially enjoys being able to teach the student a specific need.

“A student is a puzzle so I like to try and figure them out, I try and analyze them,” Gamblin said. “What skill are they missing ? For the gifted and talented, what frustrates them? When I can target what they need and I can teach them that skill, I love that.”

As a woman that comes from a history of educating in the same community for several years, Gamblin truly believes it has taken a village — her co-workers from Bangs school system — to be successful in raising and educating the children of the community academically and personally.

Proving to students they are smart not because someone says they are or because they make good grades, but because they have the skills to be what they want to be and to get them where they want to go in life is among Gamblin's greatest joys.

Gamblin is also involved in preparations to handle bullying and violence on campus, include communicating students to assure them of safety on the Bangs campus.

Being aware and having a plan is key, according to Gamblin. She said being in a small school and knowing what’s happening keeps everyone prepared.

Daughter to farmers Pasty and Ray Traweek, Gamblin is the youngest of three children. She's also a graduate of Bangs High School. Re'Genna married her high school sweetheart Ricky Gamblin, who is now a retired agriculture teacher that formerly worked at Bangs ISD. The Gamblins have two children, Heather Thompson and Caleb Gamblin, both of whom are educators. Caleb took over teaching ag in Bangs after his father retired, and is a 2019 award-winning district academic agriculture teacher.