Thursday evening at 6 p.m. will mark the yearly anniversary of the candlelight vigil to be held by The ARK at the Brownwood County Courthouse in honor of those who have lost their lives or suffered at the hand of domestic violence.

Throughout the community, in different businesses, you may have viewed empty shoes next to a life story of someone who has died at the hand of domestic violence as a statement of awareness. This year, 211 women died at the hand of an intimate partner, and 32 men. And 290 children lost their parents as a result of domestic violence. The names of each person who lost their life locally, then those who have lost their lives statewide will be read off during the vigil. There will also be a guest speaker who has gone through domestic violence.

The ARK along with Executive Director Terri Densman encourages you to come out and join them in honoring the lives lost in our community due to domestic violence. As they send a message of awareness to those suffering, violators, and the loved ones of the victims who are scared silent by lighting the courthouse purple for 24 hours.

“There aren’t many people that haven’t experienced or no someone who has encountered domestic violence and wish they would have told someone one,” Densman said.

The vigil sends a real message to the community that domestic violence is taking place in our community and everyone should speak-out against abuse before it’s too late.

“We want people to stop and ask…Why is the courthouse purple,” Densman said.

Domestic violence affects every age, ranging from 8-months-old to 86 years of age. If you know anyone suffering from domestic violence or sexual assault reach out and tell someone or contact The ARK at