Over the years Arrow Child & Family Ministries has taken care of the foster children of the community and assured them a safe place to call home with the help of the residents of Brown County and surrounding areas.

As a Christian bible-based ministry foster care facility, Arrow is improving the way families care for children in need of love, guidance, and a safe home by implementing the Professional Foster Parent Program also known as Treatment Foster Care into foster parenting. This program provides allowances for children to receive more care from a stay at home foster parent, supplemented by Arrows.

Alex Garcia and Wendell Goldsboro of Arrow recent spoke with the Bulletin and they both expressed the need for children to be able to continue to heal for the initial six months after leaving a residential facility within the area they were raised.

“We believe in keeping children as close to home as possible during this process,” Garcia said. “These children belong to the community and we are going to take care of them now or later.”

“We don’t have enough foster homes to take care of our foster kids,” Goldsboro said. “We’re soliciting homes to place them in, and we need to get a grip on them now.”

As part of initiating the Professional Foster Parent Program, Arrow will hold an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce. As an active presence in the community for five years helping to alleviate the foster care crisis, Arrow would like to shake hands and meeting the residents of this community that will and have helped get a grip on foster care shortage.

“We’re not just meeting about foster care, but also how can Arrow be of assistance to other areas of the community where there’s a need,” Goldsboro said.

There’s are a lot of different ways one can get involved in foster care from baby-sitting to being an ambassador. You can find additional information at www.arrow.org.