EARLY — The 2020 Early TMCN (Texas Midwest Community Network) teen leadership team is proud to announce its upcoming legacy project: the RAMPS. RAMPS is an acronym for Recreation and Activity through Mental and Physical Sports. TMCN is a non-profit regional organization for networking community leaders and coordinating projects and programs to benefit to region. The mission of TMCN is to promote regional approach to provide the resources and awareness for its members to achieve economic and community growth, The RAMPS will be a nuance playground in Early’s McDonald Park, consisting of giant games, a seating area for parents, and a Yalp SUTU Electronic Soccer Wall. The RAMPS will promote mental and physical health by encouraging players to exercise their brains with the giant games, and their bodies with the Yalp SUTU.


YALP is a Dutch company that specializes in interactive playground equipment inclusive of all children. YALP places accessibility for children with special needs at the forefront of their play development. “There are many different impairments and even many ranges of abilities within those impairments. Different people with the same impairment are even impacted in different ways. We absolutely do not have a monopoly of wisdom. Most of our game development came through observations and conversations with special education teachers, occupational therapist, medical practitioners and most importantly parents of special needs children.” (YALP Website)


YALP SUTU Soccer Wall is a very large Plexiglas and steel wall with pressure sensors, designed to kick soccer balls into different areas challenging other peers to different games. SUTU is designed to be durable and vandal resistant, it is also programmable so new games can be added and changed out. This will currently be the fourth SUTU installed in the United States.

The Texas Midwest Community Network (TMCN) Leadership program teaches High School students during their Juniors and Seniors year tools to “see the dream” and move their community forward, identify ways to implement change within their community, develop a community mentorship to motivate & inspire action, and complete a community focused “legacy project” in their hometown all while competing for monetary community awards. Early has been participated in the teen leadership program since 2015. Earlier this year, the 2019 Team of Early High School Seniors Madison Green and Vance Cady Gordon raised money for new digital radios for Early Volunteer Fire Department as their legacy project, a feat which 2020 Team comprised of Early High School Juniors Ty McConn and Jax Managan hope to match. Once they finish planning, they will begin writing grants, fundraising, and seeking donations, so that construction can be complete by August of 2020, Ty and Jax will assess the impact on the community of Early, accessibility to all ages, cost, and compatibility for a wide demographic. Ty said about the project “I am very excited to be a part of such a large project which I know will bring enjoyment to children in Early for many years into the future.” The City of Early is proud to work with this leadership team to further enhance the improvements we have implemented at McDonald Park.