The community plays a big role in the success of the Pearl Griffin Memorial Latch Key Program, Latch Key director Jessica Hardy said.

“We try to get people involved with us,” Hardy said.

Hardy cited several examples of community involvement including:

• The Christian Women’s Fellowship from the First Christian Church recently donated $200 worth of games. “We have people that do that for us throughout the year,” Hardy said.

Latch Key can always use items such as arts and craft supplies and outdoor play equipment such as balls and jump ropes, she said.

• McCoy’s, Home Depot and Weakley-Watson Hardware have donated smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

• The Brownwood Fire Department has visited Latch Key and given lessons on fire safety.

• The Health Department has visited and given health-related lessons.

• Latch Key has two fundraisers each year: A Hundred from 100 in January, in which the goal is to receive $100 donations from 100 people, and a hamburger supper in April that includes a raffle and bake sale.

Hardy said she hopes the community realizes “the importance of what Latch Key does to help these families that makes it a worthwhile program to be involved in.”