Coggin Intermediate School (CIS) held its annual 6th Grade Basketball Championship games on Wednesday, October 23, in the Brownwood High School gymnasium.


Two championship games were held, one for the top two boy’s teams and one for the top two girl’s teams. The girls played first with the “The Lady Cubs” taking on the “Sour Pickles.”


“The Sour Pickles did make a comeback during the season to make it into the championships, but The Lady Cubs proved to be a dominating force winning with a score of 14-6,” said CIS Coach, Stefenia Phipps. “Allison Fulton made 1 point, Amanda Baker and Liliana Garcia each scored 2 points, and A’Taya Wirts racked up 3 points. The High Scorer for the game was Cate Smith with 6 points.”


The 2019-20 girl’s championship team, The Lady Cubs, included players Payton Messman, Allison Fulton, Racey Pinkston, Amanda Baker, Cate Smith, Liliana Garcia, A’Taya Wirts, Alicia Landa, Kiara Godinho, and Athziry Garcia.


Earning second place for the season, The Sour Pickles players included Avery Villegas, Brenley Duncan, Erickia Dobbins, Hannah Luker, Stephanie Stanley, Kirsten Fijer, Ciara McDonough, Seriaya Daniels, Micayla Cardoza.


“Every player showed great improvement and I’m proud of those that worked hard during the season,” stated Phipps. “Special Thanks to Coach Hoertz and the Varsity BHS girls for coaching and mentoring. Thank you to Mrs. Lishka and Ryleigh Dalleh for being all-star referees, Jaslyn Gutierrez for volunteering to do the clock, and Coach Sweat for helping organize. Thank you to all the parents and teachers who also gave their support.”


For the boys, the two teams in the championship had met earlier in the season with a different outcome.


“After a great season two teams went toe to toe for the 2019 6th Grade Boys Basketball Championship. Team 3 defeated Team 4 early in the season by the score 18-15, but Team 4 got the best of Team 3 in the Championship,” noted CIS Coach Brandon Brown. “Carson Noe led Team 4 with 9 points. Aden Smith and Robbie Robinson both had 4 points while Dwyn Teano, Daylyn Ansons, and Preston Cook all had 2 points. For Team 3, Aiden Driskill led with 4 points, Lajon Bush scored 2 points and Jermiah Chacon had 1 point leaving the final score 23-7. Congratulations to Team 4 for being the 2019 6th Grade Boys Basketball Champions.”


Playing for Team 4 were Carson Noe, Aden Smith, Robbie Robinson, Dwyn Teano, Philip Hatch, Daylyn Ansons, and Preston Cook.


Team 3 players included Aiden Driskill, Jermiah Chacon, Will Stewardson, Hudson Davidson, Peyton Sharp, Jamal Savage, Kylon Sterling, and Lajon Bush.


“I would like to congratulate all teams for a great season,” stated Brown. “I would also like to thank the parents for their support during the season, Mrs. Lishka for being our referee all season and Brownwood High School for the use of the gym for the championship game.”


Additional photos from the event are viewable on the Brownwood ISD website at: