Residents at Market Place and Wildwood Trails Apartments in Brownwood could see lower energy bills thanks in part to an Oncor incentive program to install new high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.


Owners of Market Place, 340 Market Place Blvd., and Wildwood Trails, 1500 Davis Lane, worked with Oncor and its Multifamily HVAC program to replace older HVAC units with new, high-efficiency heat pump systems. Owners replaced 22 HVAC units at Market Place and 28 units at Wildwood Trails.

Oncor offers financial incentives for multifamily dwellings --- both for low-income and market price apartments. It’s one of several energy efficiency programs from Oncor under its Take A Load Off, Texas effort. These programs are funded with a multimillion-dollar budget approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

In the case of multifamily dwellings, property owners work with HVAC contractors and apply for the funds to assist in replacing inefficient, older systems.

Last year, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy gave Oncor’s Multifamily HVAC program an Exemplary Program Award based on its effectiveness and innovation in helping customers achieve better energy efficiency levels.

The Multifamily HVAC program is a competitive application process. This year, Oncor selected 41 projects for the incentive funds, said Carl Brown, Oncor’s Senior Program Manager for Energy Efficiency.

The projects represent over 4,200 apartment units in 18 cities across North Texas – from Big Spring in West Texas to Palestine in East Texas.

“We look at each application and then calculate the lifetime value of the energy savings,” Brown said. “The HVAC contractor receives the Oncor financial incentive and the rest is paid for by the property owner. The real winners are the customers because they’re getting a more efficient system.”

Brown said customers on average can expect to lower their annual electric usage 15-30 percent with the new HVAC equipment, depending on their lifestyle.  

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