Dana Cyr, 59, has served in the capacity of teaching Brownwood children for 30 years, specifically kindergarten. She’s a wife of 41 years on the 22nd of this month, a mother of four, and a grandmother.

“I know I’ve been called by God to be a teacher,” Cyr said.

Growing up, Cyr had problems learning to read in school due to her family moving around. But there is where the kindergarten destined educator was met by grade school teachers and taught how intelligent she was, and how successful she could be.

Later she’d look back and realize just how influential the lessons she learned in grade school were in shaping who she’d become. Cyr recalls having a coach that spoke to her about shaping her future.

“I had a coach, Coach Marshall, the fifth and sixth grade health and history teacher,” Cyr said. “He taught me the decisions you make now will last forever.”

Cyr held on to what Coach Marshall taught her, initially got married and had a child and went to work. Cyr decided she wanted to be an at-home mom, thinking daycare was scary. She later decided to quit her job and had three more kids including a set of twins, in which she’d raise for 15 years until deciding she wanted to go back to school to be a nurse needing money.

The more Cyr thought about what teachers had done for her growing up, the more God began to call her to be a teacher, “And I couldn’t ignore the call,”she explained

Cyr’s enrolled in school at Howard Payne University and began teaching at the age of 30, and feels she hasn’t worked a day in her life.

She loves teaching kindergarten, being the kid's first encounter with school and explains “it’s important they love coming to school as much as I have for the last 30 years. They have these big bright eyes, they support one another and we all do in this classroom.”

She knows for sure she has a gift for teaching the inquisitive minds of our future, and hopes they’ll love learning life and continue to ask all those questions.

Northwest Elementary School's faculty is a great team and they support one another, Cyr said. She knows their school is a safe place. She doesn’t think the kids and faculty go without much, and she believes Brownwood cares and provides for their faculty and students with what every is needed.

Cyr believes we could do without the kids using so much electronics, it can create a disconnect. What the children speak, she teaches them to write, and they've shown their teacher they're really intelligent. When it’s all said and done Cyr would like parents to know Northwest Elementary takes good care of their children and loves them, and the kids walk away knowing joy, compassion and empathy.