Brownwood native John Anderson Moore was the commander of the USS Grayback, a Navy submarine destroyed in a Japanese attack in World War II and recently discovered in 1,400 feet of water off the coast of Japan.

Moore was 34 when he was lost with 79 other crewmen on Feb. 26, 1944.

Moore’s wartime service is commemorated on a plaque at the Central Texas Veterans Memorial in Brownwood.

According to Japanese wartime records, a carrier-based bomber dropped a 500-pound bomb that struck the submarine, which exploded and sank with no survivors, USA Today reported in its online edition Monday.

The wreck of the submarine remained missing until explorers discovered a 75-year-old error in the coordinates of where the sub was, USA Today reported.

According to the USA Today article:

The Grayback had sunk 21,594 tons of shipping on its final mission alone, and overall, the submarine is credited with sinking 14 ships at 63,835 tons, according to the Navy.

Ocean explorer Tim Taylor, who founded the Lost 52 Project that aims to unearth lost US WWII submarines, and his team made the Grayback discovery about 1,400 feet below the surface southwest of Okinawa in June, USA Today reported. The Navy recently confirmed the team's findings, Taylor's group said Sunday, the newspaper reported.

To find the sub, Taylor employed Yutaka Iwasaki, a systems engineer who studied the original Japanese military documents and discovered that the Navy's translation of the coordinates was wrong, USA Today reported.

"It was off by one digit," Taylor told the Washington Post, according to the USA Today article. “That changed the location by more than 100 miles."

The Central Texas Veterans Memorial plaque summarizes Moore’s naval record:

Moore attended the U.S. Naval Academy and was commissioned in 1932. Moore served on the USS Arizona before transferring to submarine service in 1934. He took command of the USS Grayback in June 1943.

Moore was a pioneer in the development of “Wolfpack” tactics and submerged radar approaches. The Grayback was in the first submarine Wolfpack in the Pacific Theater.

“Commander Moore and his heroic crew were listed as missing in action when they failed to return from a patrol,” the plaque states.

Moore was awarded three Navy crosses, the third one posthumously.

A guided missile frigate, the USS John A. Moore, was was named in honor of the Grayback commander and commissioned in 1981.