The first round of the Miss Brown County Fair competition began Monday at the Brown County Fairgrounds home economics building, as the girls signed in, took the stage and introduced themselves to the judge’s, other contestants and crowd one by one.

Ann Glasscock was in attendance briefing the girls on rules, regulations, and everything else to compete well.

The contestants were graded on their ability to communicate and engage with the crowd, originality, photo-taking skills, and deliverance and entertainment of their speeches, which included talking about their participation at the fair, their family, hobbies and how they spend their free time.

A couple of returning Miss competitors were among the contestants, Glasscock said, and showed very well.

The reigning Princess Cate Smith and Junior Miss Rylie Guerrero were in attendance. They took the stage speaking to Miss Brown County hopefuls about their experiences, fashion choices, press and picture taking techniques on wining and reigning in 2019. The current reigning Queen Nevie Lord was absent at this first round of the competition but is expected at up and coming events. Smith and Guerrero both expressed what a great time they had as reigning Miss Brown County winners.

“I really enjoyed meeting new people and the horses at the fair,” Smith said.

Guerrero said, “I enjoyed going to the daycare and visiting with the children as well as the tea party given by the Association. There was great food there.”

Chairman Anna Hernandez, Co-Chair and former Brown County Queen Julie Hernandez, Kaci Edgar, Stevi Moseley, and Cheyenne Hoskinson were there as judges of the competition.

Glasscock, the mother Miss Brown County 2017 Tara Glasscock. spoke about the judging techniques of choosing a great Queen, Junior Miss, and Princess. She said that the pageant is more about teaching the girls to be ambassadors, speaking well and being a great role model for their families and community.

Throughout this end of this year and the beginning of next year, the young ladies will continue to compete. All the contestants will appear during the Brown County Fair, and the winners will be revealed at the end of the event.

The winners are set to make several appearances throughout the community: radio appearances, Christmas Parade, and many other fun events. She’ll be an ambassador of the association, receives prizes and is crowned for the year.