Brownwood Middle School (BMS) Ag students have recently had the opportunity learn from some special visitors.


Brian Clark with Clark Farms Dorpers came to BMS on Wednesday, Nov. 6, to share information about the Dorper breed and details of their operation. “Clark Farms works out of the Early area and raises pureblood Dorpers, whose lineage can be traced back to African sheep which started the breed,” explained BMS Ag Science teacher, Jesse Truax. “He produces Dorpers for the commercial sheep industry and for show stock.”

A week later on Wednesday, November 13, Jamie Smith from Blue Team Wethers (B.T.W.) visited BMS. “He presented to us details about his show goat operation in Zephyr, Texas,” stated Truax. “They have been building their operation there for 20 years. B.T.W. has won numerous major show competitions nationwide over the last few years. They run an impressive operation including show goat sales, artificial insemination, embryo transfer and recipient does. We appreciate Jamie coming out to share with us his success in our community and across the country.”