EARLY — Mattressville in Early off U.S. Highway 183 will be having a “Thanksgiving Family Turkey Giveaway” at 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 16 — one turkey per family — in the Mattressville and Bruner Chevrolet parking lot, hosted by Mattressville and Baby Clay's Meat Market.

Three thousand turkeys will be given away, first come first serve, to families in the surrounding communities for Thanksgiving. They’re located at 1003 U.S. Highway 183, right across from the Heartland Mall.

This will be their second annual great turkey giveaway to families for the holidays. This year alone Mattressville and their vendors will give away more than 12,000 pounds of turkeys to those in need of Thanksgiving dinner, no questions asked.

“There are so many people out there raising money, gifts, and funds for Christmas. Thanksgiving kind of gets neglected,” Ira Goodman of Mattressville said.

Mattressville employees thought it would be great to help those in need for Thanksgiving. With a thought to reach out and do something about the need in the local communities, Goodman and his team called a few other companies and those companies called a couple more companies, which resulted in the Mattressville and Baby Clay's Meat Market Turkey Giveaway.

Thursday marked the celebration of the Mattressville company’s ribbon cutting ceremony for its Early location, celebrating a history of family and employee service in the mattress business in Brown County since March of this year.