The November session of the Brown County Grand Jury returned three indictments — two misdemeanor and one felony — against Bill Ruth in connection with his Jan. 11, 2019 arrest.

The grand jury returned misdemeanor indictments against Ruth, 54, for resisting arrest and evading arrest, and a felony indictment for assault of a peace officer, courthouse documents state.

Ruth’s Facebook page lists his occupations as attorney and real estate developer and states he lives in Fredericksburg. Ruth, a graduate of Brownwood High School, showed a Brownwood address on jail records after his arrest.

Ruth was arrested after two deputies encountered him at his mother’s home on County Road 233 and told him they were serving a warrant for contempt of court.

That led to an altercation in which Ruth was tased by one of the deputies.

Ruth is accused in the indictments of:

• Causing injury to deputy Taylor Fletcher by striking him in the chest and/or arm.

• Preventing or obstructing Fletcher from effecting the arrest by using force against the deputy.

• Fleeing from Fletcher as Fletcher attempted to arrest or detain Ruth.

Fletcher and deputy Scotty Burke took Ruth into custody after the altercation.

Visiting Judge Brad Underwood signed an order of commitment on Dec. 17, 2018 ordering Ruth to serve 30 days for contempt of court related to a civil case, courthouse documents state.

Ruth has stated in Facebook posts and in a jailhouse interview that he did not resist arrest, assault a deputy or perform a “dodging maneuver” as stated in Fletcher’s report.