What is MDsave and how does it work for me at Brownwood Regional Medical Center?


Brownwood Regional Medical Center (BRMC) and MDsave will present a community education program on Friday, December 6 from 11:45 am to 1 pm in the Outpatient Center Meeting Room 2nd Floor of the West Entrance off Streckert Drive.


Brownwood Regional Medical Center (BRMC) and MDsave are working together to help local residents without insurance or with high deductible health plans save money and better manage their healthcare expenses. Through MDsave, patients utilizing Brownwood Regional Medical Center services can save up to 60 percent on many procedures and imaging services, including MRIs, X-rays and CT scans, through transparent pricing together utilizing a voucher purchase system.


The educational event program will detail how patients may save on many healthcare services and procedures through cooperation of MDsave and Brownwood Regional Medical Center. You will understand how it works and the benefits of using MDsave and Brownwood Regional Medical Center.


In today’s marketplace, healthcare can be confusing and expensive, especially for consumers who are uninsured or carry high-deductible insurance plans and this service can help patients access the same quality healthcare they have come to expect at BRMC at a lower cost.


MDsave offers transparent pricing data and quality ratings to give consumers more control over their healthcare decision-making. Consumers with a physician’s order can simply visit MDSave.com or MDSave’s mobile app to determine what service best fits his or her needs — and at what cost.


For example, an MRI may cost a patient without insurance $1,000 or more, while a patient with a high deductible plan may pay almost that amount as well because the expense was applied to their deductible.  By researching and booking through MDSave, that same patient could get an MRI at Brownwood Regional Medical Center for around $550. Depending on your insurance plan, the Mdsave purchase could possibly be applied toward your deductible. Similar savings are available for most Imaging Services such as X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasound, and Mammography and include many procedures as well. 


We know that the cost of preventive treatments like diagnostic imaging is often a factor in consumers neglecting to have them. Brownwood Regional Medical Center hopes that our strategic alliance will increase access and help save lives.


*Savings are calculated based on the MDsave price compared to average market cost of offered medical services.