In her ag education classroom at Brownwood High School, Chelsea Wilson multi-tasked, explaining to a visitor how the year works for ag students. Wilson interrupted herself periodically as she called out instructions to her students.

A group of Wilson’s FFA students worked on a power point presentation, which will be used by an FFA team that competes Monday in area competition in Mineral Wells. The competition involves speaking and presentation events and is part of leadership development.

“Can you not make that brighter or something?” Wilson asked as her students manipulated graphics, photos and fonts. “ … Can you crop it and not have so much top … move your words up a little bit …”

Six FFA teams made it out of earlier district competition to compete in Monday’s area competition. The teams are hoping to perform well enough for the judges to advance to state competition in December.

The six teams are ag issues, two ag advocacy teams, public relations, quiz bowl and Spanish Creed..

Earlier this week, representatives of the six teams, accompanied by Wilson, descended on KOXE Radio, where program director and DJ Carl Wayne put them on the air for interviews and to give samples of their presentations.

Wilson’s husband, Cade, also a Brownwood High School ag teacher, helps the students prepare and travels to the competitions. The Wilsons are in their seventh year in Brownwood.

“I enjoy the kids,” Chelsea Wilson, a 15-year teaching veteran, said.

Wilson said it’s amazing to see how the students grow in their speaking and presentation skills from the time that they enter as freshmen to finishing as seniors.

When the competitions are over, the Wilsons and their students won’t have any down time: it will be time to begin preparing for the stock show season.

Spring will be a time of career development events, followed by conventions and camps in the summer.

“There’s never really a dry spell,” Wilson said. “It’s never ending. It’s very busy, but these kids get so much out of it. It’s rewarding to see them excel.”