The Pregnancy Care Center unveiled a new logo Nov. 19, which was created by Amy Seymour, the daughter of former director Terri Medlock, with the heart of the Centers’ employees in mind and their work in sharing hope and education with the community.

The logo dons a painted green background with a black heart that’s open on the right side as a symbolism of an open heart to those the center will assist.

The PCC offers many benefits for women of Brown County as they embark on a new journey towards motherhood. Three satellite centers in Brady, Goldthwaite and San Saba operate in the central Texas area, all locally funded, without any government assistance.

July marked the month the Pregnancy Care Center began servicing women with their open-door sonogram van on their grounds, once a month taking three to four appointments a day assisting moms-to-be with staying abreast with the growth and well-being of their children as their due date approaches.

Amanda Towns stated each mom absolutely can come to the pregnancy care center and speak with someone about choosing the right path for themselves.

“We’re here to help, the agency is prolife, but we’re not unwilling to serve women that want other options, we’re pro-love,” Towns said.

The Pregnancy Care Center is there to help moms in every way whether that be if they are worried about buying baby clothes, cribs, bottles or other needs. The PCC has an actual baby store that’s part of their Parent Education Program. Upon finishing educational videos, parents earn points toward purchasing items in the store to prepare them as they take their journey toward becoming parents.

Offering Baby Buzz Educational classes and everything from free pregnancy test to sex health workshops, PCC is committed to educating the adults and teens of this community on making great choices when it comes to sexual health to ensure their future is part of the Pregnancy Care Centers mission.

Also on Nov. 19, the center celebrated its efforts in assisting, educating and bringing hope to the community with a ribbon-cutting hosted by the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce.