Walking into the Hideout to interview Dakota Drummond, I notice a familiar face. He’s gathering his things out of his red pick-up truck and I say, “Hi don’t I know you?”


Drummond says, “Brandy, hi how are you,” the kindest guy. We walk into the Hideout Golf Club talking about our upbringing in California. I take a seat at the bar, chat with the gentlemen next to me as Dakota leaves to prepare for his show before we start the interview.


A few minutes later Bakersfield’s finest walks in and we begin to talk about music and why music has inspired him as it does others in every way Drummond believes. Since the age of 5, he’s had a guitar in his hand, and at the age of 16, the country singer formed his first band. Dakota knew he wanted to be a performer. The singer and his buddies hit his home town of Bakersfield, California listening to the local country bands growing up. Though, those local bands seemed to have died away here lately Dakota explains. There’s just not that good old time feeling of country music in Bakersfield any more he says, when asked to compare Texas country music to California’s.


Drummond tells me “cut his teeth on Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.” Two country singers born in the 1920s and 30s with pure, honest music and voices like his. As I listened to Dakota perform, the first thing that came to mind is there’s such a kind soul that comes through the lyrics of his music; which are written by Dakota himself. And as of right now he has full creativity over his music, not being signed to a label yet. Which is the plan for as long as possible Dakota tells me, and he agrees there’s such pureness in being able to create without restraints, that he’s really enjoying.


That reminds me of Brown County’s Coffey Anderson’s start in music, though Dakota admits to never having met Best of Brown County 2019 Musician Winner Coffey Anderson, he has heard of him and knows who he is.



While the country singer was in Brown County with his band only, the Bulletin asked Dakota about his new bride Codi whom he knew growing up in Bakersfield but didn’t really befriend until later. The lovebirds kind of started talking online once Drummond moved out to Stephenville and the rest was history from there. Shortly after Drummond married the professional goat competitor and they set up shop and haven’t looked back since. While they’re both on the road most of the month, life couldn’t be better for the Drummonds.


Twenty minutes later our interview is complete, and Drummond rushes off to get ready for his performance. Takes the stage in the intimate setting and the fun begins for the upscale locals as Drummond plays one of his hit songs for the next hours.