The Elite and The Eliminators are scheduled to face off in the 2019 6th Grade Super Bowl event at Gordon Wood Stadium on Thursday, December 12, at 9:00 a.m.


In addition to the flag football showdown, the event will include a performance of the National Anthem by the Coggin Intermediate School (CIS) Choir, a halftime show featuring the BHS Band, and a performance from the 5th and 6th grade cheerleaders.


All CIS students will be bussed to the stadium to enjoy the game and cheer on the players. Busses will arrive at the school at 8:00 a.m. to begin loading students. Seating arrangements on the bleachers will include the 4th and 5th grade students in the south end, the BHS band in the center section, and 6th grade students in the north end.


Below is the order of events:


Fight song and football players run through signs

National Anthem by CIS Choir, directed by Mrs. Torres

Coin Toss

Kick Off

Halftime show by Brownwood High School Band, directed by Mr. and Mrs. Lambert

5th and 6th Grade Cheerleaders will perform, directed by Coach Phipps

Start of 2nd half

Game ends and busses are loaded to return students to Coggin Intermediate School


The following is the 2019 6th Grade Super Bowl player roster:


The Eliminators (Maroon)

Aaron Edmonds #11

Camden Cardenas #84

Hudson Davidson #15

Aiden Driskill #21

Sam Harvey #81

Kyson McGee #64

Elias Munoz #25

Tyler Nelson #32

Peyton Sharp #89

Dwyn Teano #36

Darryl Watkins #82


The Elite (White)

Grant Gray #11

Matias Buitron #25

Thomas Franqui #26

Aviud Gomez #35

Martin Nava #12

Raven Prado #26

Aden Smith #46

Eliuth Valenciano #38

Nico Chacon #35