ZEPHYR — Driving up on the Diamond R Store and Café you’ll see their gas pumps out front and catering trucks parked around the side of the business. There’s a real good town feeling upon entering the business, as it’s located next to the high school campus and town antique store. As you walk into the store and café there’s everything one might need to run out of their house and grab a necessity or for a family trip.


Brown County voted Diamond R Store and Café in Zephyr best for catering, burger, catfish, country cooking 2019, so the Bulletin sat down with owner Cody Rogers to talk all things Diamond R.


• Cody Rogers retired from a 16-year career as an Executive at Public Storage to Zephyr where his wife Nikki was a teacher before helping Rogers run the catering side of the family business; along with their three children: Dakota and his wife Sydni, and Haven who runs the café, then there’s Mason who is still a junior in high school helping out with catering.


• Thinking it would be a great idea to buy a convenience store having grown up in a restaurant called El Matadors and taking after his grandfather and his children who owned El Patios in Austin — that’s still in business to this day, in which Rogers brother turned in to a Sports Bar…oh did I mention Rogers’ father owned Huts Burgers? We can safely say the business is in the family


• The Bulletin asked what’s the most popular thing on the Diamond R menu. “The burgers,” Rogers states. The family really worked to get right and finally came to a good satisfactory burger. The chicken fried steaks are another favorite and the catfish always sells out though its only sold on Friday and Saturday.


• Some of the sauces that came from Rogers family restaurants growing up include a hot sauce that is El Matadors, a BBQ rub sauce. Kings and corn meal come from Kings also.


• Fun fact about Cody Rogers that people don’t often put together is his stepdad is Joseph, who helped run El Patios.


• Cody’s famous chicken fajitas were born at El Matadors. The closing employees at the end of the night would take the leftover meat, cook it up, and lay tortillas on the grill so one could just walk by and grab a tortilla and chicken as they cleaned up. Turns out people loved it.


• Diamond R brought in a couple things recently — beer for the locals and lotto tickets. Catering is available, the locals will some time wait 20-30 minutes to get in and eat so catering is nice.


• The retired executive is amazed and delighted that he catches couples in his restaurant celebrating their 55th anniversary


• The executive turned store and café owner loves living in Zephyr and serving the people and tells the Bulletin “It’s and honor to be voted best of 2019.” He admits the business is way more work than he bargained for starting out with a small grill when purchased then growing to the size they’ve achieved, he’s taking it all in with the help of his family, but joked he wishes he had more than three kids. I then commented, “You gained two through marriage and will gain another after his youngest marries.” The proud dad then shares the Rogers have two grandbabies on the way — his daughter-in-law Sydni and daughter Haven are both expecting boys.